Wrap text around an object

You can wrap text around an object (image, shape, table, and so on), whether the object is floating or anchored.

When you wrap text around an object, you can make the text hug the object tightly or loosely, make the text stay only above and below the object, or make the text appear on only one side of the object.

Adjust text around an object

  1. If the Wrap inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar and click the Wrap Inspector button.

  2. Select the object.

  3. In the Wrap inspector, select “Object causes wrap.”

  4. To specify how the text wraps around the object, click a button below the “Object causes wrap” checkbox.

  5. To change the amount of space between the object and the surrounding text, use the Extra Space field.

  6. If the object isn’t rectangular and you want the text to follow the object’s outline, click the right Text Fit button.

  7. If the object has an alpha channel (transparency), you can make text overlap (show through) the transparent area by adjusting the value in the Alpha field.

You can also choose an option from the Wrap pop-up menu in the format bar to wrap text around an object.