Check spelling

By default, unrecognized words have a dashed red line below them. To turn off that feature, choose Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type, so that there’s no checkmark next to the menu item.

Tip: To quickly view suggested spellings for a word, Control-click the word and choose an option from the top of the shortcut menu.

Check a document’s spelling

  1. Place the insertion point where you want spell-checking to start, or select specific text to check.

  2. To quickly find misspelled words, choose Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling.

    The first misspelled word is highlighted. You can correct it, or press Command-Semicolon (;) to highlight the next misspelled word.

  3. To check spelling and view suggestions for misspelled words, choose Edit > Spelling > Spelling.

    In the Spelling window, you can do any of the following:

    • Replace the highlighted word with one of the suggested corrections: Double-click the suggestion.

    • If the correct word doesn’t appear in the list of suggested corrections but you know the correct spelling: Type the word at the top of the Spelling window and click Change.

    • If the word is correct and you want to add it to the dictionary (so that it’s not marked as misspelled): Click Learn. To undo the Learn effect, Control-click the word and choose Unlearn Spelling from the shortcut menu.

    • Leave the word as it is but not add it to the dictionary: Click Ignore.

    • If no alternative spellings appear: Retype the word in the Spelling window using a different spelling, and click Guess to see whether new suggestions appear.

    • Find the next misspelled word: Click Find Next.