Correct and hyphenate text automatically

Find and replace text

  1. Choose Edit > Find > Find.

  2. In the Find & Replace window, type the word or words you want to find.

  3. To replace the Find text with other text, type it in the Replace field.

  4. To search for additional criteria, such as a Return character (paragraph break) or a text style, click Advanced.

  5. Click one of the buttons at the bottom of the window.

You can also locate specific text in your book by choosing Edit > Find and choosing an option from the submenu:

  • Use Selection for Find: Find the next occurrence of selected text.

  • Jump to Selection: Display the selected text when it’s not currently in view.

Automatically correct text

  1. Choose iBooks Author > Preferences.

  2. Click Auto-Correction and select any of the following:

    • Use smart quotes: Convert to smart (“curly”) apostrophes and quotation marks instead of leaving them straight. (Opening and closing quotation marks aren’t identical.)

    • Fix capitalization: Make every sentence begin with an uppercase letter.

    • Superscript numerical suffixes: Convert the letters in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on to superscripts.

    • Automatically detect email and web addresses: Turn email addresses and URLs into links.

    • Automatically detect lists: When you begin a paragraph with a bullet (for example), the next paragraph automatically begins with a bullet, so that you don’t have to type it each time.

    • Automatically use spell checker suggestions: If you misspell a word and the spelling dictionary finds only one alternative spelling, change the word to the alternative.

    • Symbol and text substitution: Replace specified characters with other characters. To define your own substitutions, click the Add button .

Turn hyphenation on or off

By default, words are automatically hyphenated if they need to break at the end of a line.

Do any of the following:

  • Turn hyphenation on or off for the entire document: Open the Document inspector, and select or deselect Hyphenate (in the Document pane).

  • Turn off hyphenation for a particular paragraph: Select the paragraph, open the Text inspector, click More, and select “Remove hyphenation for paragraph.”

  • Turn hyphenation on or off for a word: Control-click the word and choose Allow Hyphenation or Never Hyphenate from the shortcut menu. Turning hyphenation on or off for a word affects every instance of the word in your book.