View invisible characters and object boundaries

You can display the boundaries of text, graphic, and media elements. You can also display “invisible” characters such as paragraph returns and spaces..

View boundaries or invisibles

Do one of the following:

  • View borders around the elements in a page: Choose Show Layout Boundaries from the View pop-up menu in the toolbar.

  • View invisibles: Choose Show Invisibles from the View pop-up menu in the toolbar.

    Tip: To make invisibles stand out better, you can change their color. Choose iBooks Author > Preferences, click General, click the Invisibles color well, and select a color.

The table below shows what each invisible character represents.

Invisible character


Space formatting character


Nonbreaking space formatting character

Nonbreaking space (Option–Space bar)

Tab formatting character


Line break formatting character

Line break (Shift-Return)

Paragraph break formatting character

Paragraph break (Return)

Page break formatting character

Page break

Column break formatting character

Column break

Anchored object marker

Anchored object marker