Add a 3D object

You can add 3D objects that your readers can manipulate. For this widget, you need a COLLADA file with the extension .dae.

Add a 3D object

  1. Choose 3D from the Widgets pop-up menu in the toolbar.

  2. To add a file, do one of the following:

    • Drag a file from the Finder to the widget on the page.

    • In the Widget inspector, click Interaction, click Choose, and choose a COLLADA file with the extension .dae.

  3. To constrain the object’s rotation to horizontal or vertical axes, choose an option from the Object Rotation pop-up menu.

  4. To automatically rotate the object, select “Auto-rotate object when idle.”

You can also drag a 3D file directly to the book page without adding a 3D widget first.

You can’t interact with a 3D object in iBooks Author (it works only in the completed book).