Add review questions

With the Review widget, you can add a set of questions to let readers review what they’ve learned. You can use three types of questions in each review:

  • Multiple Choice: Students answer a question with up to six possible answers.

  • Drag Label to Target: Students drag up to six text labels to specific locations in a graphic.

  • Drag Thumbnail to Target: Students drag up to six images to specific locations in a graphic.

Here’s an example of a multiple-choice review question:

Multiple-choice review question with two answers selected

Create or modify a review

  1. Choose Review from the Widgets pop-up menu in the toolbar.

  2. To enter the first question, type over the placeholder text.

  3. In the Interaction pane of the Widget inspector, do any of the following:

    • Add a new question: Choose a type of question from the Add pop-up menu below the Questions list.

    • Delete a question: Select the question in the Questions list and click the Remove button .

    • Reorder questions: Drag them in the Questions list.

    • Change the number of possible answers: Select a question and choose an option from the “# of Answers” pop-up menu next to the question.

    • Indicate the correct answer: Select it or drag the label or image to the target. To have more than one correct answer, hold down the Command key while you select the answers.

    • Navigate among questions: Select a question in the Questions list.

    • Add an image (for “drag to target” style questions): Drag an image file to the widget.

      Important: Images can’t be larger than 25 megapixels (5000 x 5000 pixels) or 50 MB.

    • Set the review as a thumbnail image that maximizes when readers tap or click it: Select the “Uses thumbnail on page” checkbox.

      • Continue to edit the widget: Select the thumbnail image, click Edit Review, make your changes, and click Done.

      • Change the thumbnail image: Drag a new image to the thumbnail.

Your readers can check their answers immediately by tapping or clicking Check Answer.