Import an ePub file

You can import an ePub 2 or ePub 3 file as a new book project in iBooks Author.

Important: iBooks Author does not import ePub files that are DRM (digital rights management) protected.

Import an ePub file

  1. Choose File > New from ePub File, choose the file to import, and click Open.

  2. Choose a template, and specify the following import options:

    • Import the paragraph styles in the file: Select the “Preserve paragraph styles” checkbox.

    • Import the media and graphics in the file: Select the “Include media and graphics” checkbox.

    Note: You can also create your own template, and import an ePub file into it.

  3. Click Choose.

    In iBooks Author, the first two levels of the imported ePub file’s table of contents are preserved, and subsequent content levels are flattened.

    Tip: To replace a font after you import an ePub file, choose Format > Font > Replace a Font.