Change columns and page breaks

When you add pages to a chapter or section, you choose the number of columns for the page, but you can change the number of columns at any time.

You can also force a page or a column to break at a certain place.

Change the number of columns

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Change the number of columns on a specific page: Place the insertion point in text anywhere on the page.

    • Change the number of columns on every page in a chapter: Place the insertion point in text and choose Edit > Select All.

  2. Choose an option from the Columns pop-up menu in the format bar.

If you want more than four columns on a page, open the Layout inspector and enter the number of columns you want in the Columns field (in the Layout pane). You must have text already on the book page to adjust the number of columns.

Tip: You can also apply a new page layout as a quick way to change the number of columns. Hold your pointer over a page in the Book pane (not the first page in a chapter or section), click the triangle that appears to the right, and choose a page layout from the pop-up menu.

Insert a column or page break

  1. Place the insertion point in the text where you want to insert a break.

  2. Choose Insert > Column Break or Insert > Page Break.

To remove a page or column break, click at the beginning of the line that follows the break and press the Delete key.

Tip: To see the symbols used for breaks, choose View > Show Invisibles.

To change column width, see Set margins, tabs, and indents.