Renumber chapters, sections, and pages

Page numbers appear to the left of each page thumbnail in the Book pane. (If you use a landscape template, you see page numbers only while you work in landscape orientation.)

Chapters, sections, and pages are numbered automatically. By default, these items are numbered sequentially throughout the entire book, but you can make a section or page start with a specific number.

Change section or page numbers

  1. Select the chapter or section in the Book pane.

  2. If the Layout inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar and click the Layout Inspector button.

  3. In the Layout inspector, click Numbering.

  4. To change how chapters and sections are numbered, choose an option from the pop-up menu under Chapter & Section Numbers:

    • Number sections based on their order in the entire book: Choose Relative to Book.

    • Number sections based on their order in the chapter: Choose Relative to Chapter.

    • Remove numbering from a chapter or section: Choose None.

  5. To format section and page numbers, select options under Chapter & Sections Numbers or Page Numbers:

    • Continue numbering from the previous section: Select “Continue numbering.”

    • Start the section or page with a specific number: Select “Start at” and enter a number.

    • Change the numbering format: Choose an option from the Format pop-up menu